Special Waste

Within the hazardous waste, we can determine hospital waste, recycling and environmental treatment of packaging and drug waste, waste from vehicle repair shops, etc. as a flow that requires a specific treatment.

Experience has shown that to achieve proper management of this type of waste, an infrastructure is necessary to facilitate the necessary actions in order to protect the environment, equipment and human equipment that operates the plants of hazardous waste.

SPR Group develops different processes adapted to each type of waste input and customer requirements to:

  • Pasty waste.
  • Solid and purulent waste.

Within these processes we specialize in the phases of feeding, screening, refining, crushing, gas monitoring and inertisation.

As a result, the processes designed by SPR Group, transform hazardous waste into alternative fuels (RSF) for use in combustion processes in the cement industry and secondary raw materials such as plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paper, cardboard, etc.

SPR Group solutions are equipped with advanced technology in order to maximize recycled fractions, reduce operating and maintenance costs while respecting the environment and personnel safety.

SPR Group designed and executed during the last years the Biotran special waste treatment plant, being a reference within the sector of the treatment of this type of materials.

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