In SPR we are experts in the maintenance of all types of machinery for waste processing.

In SPR we are experts in the maintenance of all types of machinery for waste processing. One of the most prominent verticals of the company is the after-sales service we provide to our customers. Our maintenance department is characterized by accompanying our client throughout the operation process, either with the performance of preventive maintenance as corrective maintenance in case of breakdowns. We are characterized by giving fast assistance and the best quality either nationally or internationally. The fact that internally from SPR we manage the after-sales service gives us the great advantage of going into detail in the knowledge of the operating costs of our plants and equipment and giving guarantees for it. The SPR Group maintenance department is headquartered at Valladolid headquarters, and has two more locations, in Loja (Granada) and Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona), with mechanical, electrical and programming professionals to provide a service of the best quality.

Among our maintenance services, it is worth highlighting:

SPR is a service company of ENGINEERING, PLANTS MAINTENANCE AND CONSULTING, endorsed by extensive experience in the sector and formed by a multidisciplinary team, which is at the forefront of technological advances.

SPR provides a personal and specialized treatment, where the relationship with the customer and their satisfaction is our priority. With a responsible, professional and committed service offering knowledge at the service of the client where one of the specialties is advice on new technologies, production increase, performance increase, plant design, feasibility studies and business opportunities.

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SPR has extensive experience with more than 500 projects carried out in Engineering and Business Analysis, providing numerous credentials in the sector. This area is made up of graduates and specialists who combine experience and know-how by offering a professional service to different sectors, prioritizing the Environmental sector

Conscientious with the environment, SPR has three main priorities:

For SPR Group it is essential to work in the search for the improvement of existing industrial processes, in the treatment and recovery of waste. At the same time it is essential to be able to demonstrate to all our customers, all the improvements in the design of the aforementioned processes and in the application of new top-level technologies.

From SPR Group we believe that the best way to show our customers our designs and technological proposals and that they are also relying on betting on these improvements, is by conducting quality tests and tests.

That is why SPR Group opened its Test Center in its facilities in Valladolid in 2016.

In this test center, a large number of equipment with different technologies and specialized technical personnel are available for testing with all guarantees. Once the tests have been carried out, our technical staff prepares a series of technical reports with the most relevant data and conclusions. In addition to the possibility of carrying out tests in our test center, SPR Group carries out on-site tests and machinery rentals, at our clients’ homes. That is why it is possible to perform industrial production tests in the same treatment plant.

During the year 2019, another test center is opened, this time at the company’s headquarters, in Barcelona, with additional technologies to those currently available in the Valladolid Test Center.

The equipment available in the Test Center:

Cizalla Rotativa SPR modelo RS

Pre Crusher SPR modelo PC-2200-55

Alimentador Metálico SPR

Separador Densimétrico NIHOT modelo SDi-800

Triturador Secundario LINDNER modelo Komet 1800

Criba Vibrante SPALECK modelo 3D Combi doble piso de cribado

Criba Vibrante SPALECK modelo 3D Combi doble piso de cribado

Criba Vibrante SPALECK separación mediante barrotes

Criba Tornillos SPLITTER modelo 425

Criba Discos modelo DRS 50-9/9

Windshifter Ziz Zag TrennSo Technick

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